Improving your golf swing can be an expensive business. But now there is another way. The Swing Boss captures the exact point your ball makes contact with the clubface at impact. With its unique recorder pads and ultra-lightweight practice balls, the ball actually sticks to your clubface.

The result? Uncover your swing flaws and start hitting the “sweet spot” for straighter shots and more distance.

The Swing Boss is all about replacing bad swing habits by grooving in a good muscle memory through repetition, and it is available online for you to fix your swingfix your slicefix your shankfix your hook and fix your grip.

The Swing Boss also offers you extensive stroke tips covering:

Turn your game around with The Swing Boss.

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The Swing Boss
The Swing Boss

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The Swing Boss in action

My swing is improving a lot thanks to The Swing Boss. I really appreciate it.

Paramji Sajday
Bali, Indonesia

Thanks for sending me The Swing Boss. Since I have been using it my ball striking has been very consistent. It is the best golf investment I’ve ever purchased.

Vi Dao
Regency Golf Course, Adelaide SA Australia

Just wanted to say thanks again to The Swing Boss. I now hit my driver between 250 and 270 yards (230 and 247 metres) on the fly. I have hit tee shots over 300 yards (275 metres) four times this summer and they have all been on the fairway. My last nine hole round I shot four under the card which is four shots better than my best ever round.

Peter Doorman
Dallas, Texas USA

I used to come over the top of the shot and cut across the ball which was causing a lot of slice shots, particularly with my driver. Now my swing is much shorter and I am hitting from the inside which is giving me a nice draw. The Swing Boss has really worked for me.

The whip drill makes you hit the ball a lot further.

Peter Zanuk
Vancouver Canada

The Swing Boss has improved my golf swing out of sight. The SB rules!

Phil Harlington
Wagga Wagga NSW Australia

I can’t believe how much fun this thing is to use. It has made a massive difference to my game.

Plinio Del Martin
Washington DC USA

In the last month I have improved my game by more than 10 strokes. The Swing Boss is a fantastic product.

James Goodfast
London UK

I have had many devices to help practice my golf swing over the years. The Swing Boss is by far the most useful.

Bob Parsons
Broken Hill NSW Australia

Before I started using the Swing Boss I was off eight. Now I am a scratch player. I can make adjustments to my swing and groove them in very quickly with The Swing Boss and I always hit the ball out of the centre of the club.

Haydn O’Meagher
Detroit, Michigan USA

We have sold over 200,000 of The Swing Boss, and we have always had extraordinarily positive feedback, including many people who have gone well out of their way to tell us how much it has improved their game. All of the many tour players and professionals who have helped in the demonstrations also love the product and many of them continue to use it for finer adjustments to their swing.

Jake Munday
Swing Boss Managing Director

When I first started using the Swing Boss, I was playing off seven. Now my handicap is down to two. I have developed a much lower ball flight as well. I can hit the ball on the sweet spot on almost all my shots.

Gus Harrington
Cabramatta NSW Australia

I am new to this golf stuff, but The Swing Boss has made a huge difference to my game in a very short time. It is amazing, almost like a miracle. And the best part is that I can practice in my apartment!

Mical Witkowski
Katowice, Poland

I just can’t believe how good it is. I have been singing your praises for months!

Peter Bowles
Washington DC USA

I only started playing recently. I love using The Swing Boss. I practice what my coach teaches me with it and I am starting to play really well.

Sarah Clairborough
Sydney NSW Australia

The Swing Boss has been great for off-season practice. I have started this season with much sharper ball striking.

Felix De Castro
Denver, Colorado USA