Masters Golf, the swingers and the swings

December 17 2014

Interest in golf is at an all time high right now thanks to the brilliant coverage given to the Masters Tournament earlier this year. Cameras have been behind every shot and all the memorable moments leading up to Bubba Watson’s final victory were comprehensively documented. The Masters showed that golf is a game that can be enjoyed and played by all. All you need is to learn the basic techniques and you can be on your way to having fun on the golf course.

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Choose Your Shot and Get Your Swing Right

One of the first things to learn in golf is the different type of shots. Swings will directly affect your shots. Your swing is the main factor that determines the accuracy and speed of your shot. Also you will need to employ different shots in different situations on the golf course. Here is a brief look at the most common golf shots:

1. Pitch Shots: This is one of the more difficult shots and can take some time to master. It’s basically a 30-40 yard shot, which offers a lot of variety in terms of trajectory and speed. The ball should be given quite a good amount of flight without using a full swing. Making too big an arm swing is also a mistake amateurs often make with this shot. The best thing is to take a slightly closed stance and square the face of the club. Also remember to gradually relax your wrists on the backswing.

2. The Takeaway drill: Learning to hit the ball properly even when it is on the ground is a very important skill. To hit the ball higher or lower, you need to change the face of the club. Many people tend to change their swing completely but it is best to maintain the same swing while making adjustments with the club.

3. The Putt: This shot is used when the ball is close to the hole and only needs a gentle nudge to be tapped in. The club you would use for this is the putter. The face of the club is kept perfectly spare to the ball. The motion of the swing mimics the movement of a pendulum. It should go straight back and straight down just like a pendulum would.

Professional Golfing Techniques

Professional players use a number of different techniques to help them out in their game. Some tend to favour a particular shot and build their game around it. For example, Tiger Woods relies a lot on his ‘tee-shot stinger’ technique and uses it with putt shots as well as chips. If you’re looking to improve your golf game, it’s vital that you get your swing right with each type of shot. Maybe try our Swing Boss golf training aid then, in the same way as some of the professionals, find the shots that you are naturally comfortable with and build your game around them. If you get your swing right, you can certainly make every shot count