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Swing Boss

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Forget about expensive video analysis. Now, the Swing boss captures your exact ball contact at impact. With its unique recorder pads and lightweight practice balls, the ball actually sticks to your club face, helping you uncover your swing flaws. start hitting the “sweet spot” for straighter shots and more distance.

Centre in On the Sweet Spot for More Distance. If you’re not hitting consistently on the sweet spot, you’re losing distance. The Swing boss the best way to find out and fix your swing, with ultra-lightweight practice balls that actually stick to the clubface at impact.

Swing Boss Strike Features

  • Captures ball position and clubface angle at impact to provide player with awareness of swing flaws and improve distance
  • Replaces expensive video analysis
  • Ultra-lightweight practice balls and recorder pad system ensures accuracy and safety
  • Can be used anywhere you can swing a club
  • Recorder Pads system applies to any club and can be reused without leaving residue
  • Includes three Recorder pads (oversized driver, fairway woods/irons and convenient storage case
  • Three tees for all range of clubs, plus two practice balls
  • Heavy-duty non-slip rubber hitting mat with realistic grass

Improves distance and strengthening golf-specific muscles; internal weighting system offers true club balance to create a genuine swing feel; designed for warming up or hitting the ball; helps you hit longer, straighter shots; audible cues for out-of-rhythm swings; patented see-through grip graphics.

Each Swing Boss Pack Includes;

1 x Grass Matt
2 x Balls
3 x Tee’s, S, M & L
3 x Iron Recorder Pads
3 x Driver Recorder Pads