How To Use Swing Boss

Using the Swing Boss golf training aids is simple and starts with attaching the recorder pads to your clubs.

Peel back the release paper from the back of the recorder pad. Keep the cover for later use to protect the adhesive surface. The pads can be removed and replaced many times. Always replace the pads against the shiny surface of the release paper.

Use the large pads for woods; use the small pads for irons.

Ensure the clubface is thoroughly cleaned because surface dirt will diminish the life of the recorder face.

Place a tee under the strike mat and push through the hole provided. Initially use the medium tee for irons and fairway woods. When your swing becomes more accurate, start using the shorter tee. Use the tallest tee for your driver.

Position the ball on the tee so the black patch is square on the intended path of the club.

Take your shot as you would a real golf ball. Be aware that the ball may not stick on very poor shots. If you are practising outdoors, it might be a good idea to hit the ball up against a wall or somewhere it will be easy to find if it does come off the club face.