Product Care

Removing the Swing Boss ball

The correct way to remove the Swing Boss ball

Get the most out of The Swing Boss by following these simple tips:

  • Only hit the balls when they are sitting on a tee. Hitting the balls directly off the mat of The Swing Boss or any other surface will damage them
  • If the outer-skin of the ball is ever torn, you can simply place standard tape over the tear for further use. Use the smallest piece that will adequately cover the tear
  • Do not leave the balls in sunlight or expose them to temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius for long periods of time
  • Do not expose the balls to any type of oil or lubricant
  • To avoid tearing the ball, grip the black patch and not the ball itself when removing it from the club face
  • Do not leave a recorder pad on a club for more than a few hours or it may leave glue or glue residue on the club face
  • If you damage the recorder pads or balls please email if they are not available separately on the shop to repurchase.

Use The Swing Boss regularly to gain awareness of any flaws you may have in your golf swing, and use the tips and hints we have provided to fix your swing, fix your hook, improve your downswing or follow through and more.