Address and Set Up

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when it comes to the set up.

First, make sure that the body is parallel to the target line. Many beginner golfers tend to aim to the left (if they are right-handed), so the best way to start out is by stepping up to hit a golf shot and then placing a golf club down along the foot path to see where you are aimed. Whether on the course, at the driving range or using golf swing training tools such as The Swing Boss, you should address the ball the same way each and every time.

Next, the feet should be about shoulder width apart, and a bit wider for woods and driver shots. The knees should be flexed slightly, with your weight balanced evenly between both feet. Bend at the hips and let the arms hang naturally. Bring the hands together and that is where you want the grip of the club to be.

Lastly, keep the club gripped quite loosely (either in a baseball grip or an interlocking grip where the index finger and pinky finger are locked together), enough so that it doesn’t slip out of the hands when swinging; on a scale of one to 10 your grip should be about a six or seven.

What else is The Swing Boss telling you? Do you have a tendency to slice the ball? Or are you aware that your grip is not as it should be? Use the feedback The Swing Boss gives you and incorporate our tips on fixing your slice or your grip into your practice regime.