Fix Your Golf Hook

Do you hook the ball? Regular practice with The Swing Boss will help to eliminate this problem from your game.

A hook is generally a problem that only good golfers encounter. However even the best golfers need to eliminate the problem from their game.

Set up

When going into your set up, look down and see the way you are gripping the club. A hook is often caused by an overly strong grip. If you can see more than two and a half knuckles on your left hand, then the club is being gripped incorrectly. Turn the hands more to the left so that when you are looking down the thumbs are pointing straight down the shaft of the club. Also, make sure to lessen the grip pressure, as a heavy grip pressure causes the arms to tense up and to close the club face too early. All these factors lead to a hook.

Swing path

The swing path is the most important aspect to consider when fixing a hook. Many golfers think that a hook is any ball flight that curves strongly to the left. But that is not strictly correct.

A “hook” is a ball flight that starts out to the right or online and then curves from right to left.

A “pull hook” is a ball that starts left and curves further left.

That might sound like splitting hairs, but the two shots are caused by different swing paths on to the ball, and therefore they require different solutions.

A hook is caused by too much of an “in-to-out” swing path and a pull hook is caused by too much of an “out-to-in” swing path.  In both situations the anti-clockwise spin is imparted when the hands rotate over too early so the clubface is closed when it impacts with the ball. If you are hitting a pull hook you will benefit more by changing to an “in-to-out” path and if you are hitting a hook you will benefit by developing a more on-plane swing and a less aggressive rotation of your hands.

Hips before hands

In the downswing you want to make sure that you are not using only the hands but the hips as well.  As you are bringing the club down, allow the hips to start rotating naturally ahead of the hands.  Doing this will allow you to make much more solid contact on the ball with much less hook as well.

We created The Swing Boss to effectively eliminate the hook from your game. The Swing Boss records exactly where on the club face you are hitting the ball with each practice shot, and gives you a very good indication of the angle of the club face too. Once you know where you are making an error, it will be much easier to improve your golf swing. Our golf swing training device will help you with all other aspects of your game too, including your downswing, follow through, and finish.