Fix Your Golf Shank

Regular practice with The Swing Boss will help fix your shank.

For a right-handed golfer, a shank is a shot that goes dramatically to the right as a result of hitting the ball with an excessively-closed face. The player swings “out-to-in” with the face closing hard – both actions push the “hosel” (the tiny raised area between the shaft and the club face) closer to the top of the ball. If the hosel catches the ball, it’s almost certainly shankcity!

Some of the major causes of a shank (described for a right-handed golfer) are:

  • When setting up at address you have your weight primarily on your heels. If you then transfer your weight to your toes during the swing you can move the club face forward just enough to generate a shank
  • Simply standing too close to the ball in an overly erect posture. This can result in the club moving more to the outside on the downswing which brings the hosel into the impact area
  • A grip that is too tight and too much in the palm of the left hand. This doesn’t allow the wrists to cock (move up and down) and hinge (move back and forward) correctly
  • Rolling the face of the club open on the backswing as the club comes back too flat around the players body
  • Dropping your right shoulder through impact through impact.

Ways to correct a shank:

  • Lighten your grip
  • Stand further from the ball at address and bend more from the hips rather than the knees. And stick your butt out a bit more!
  • Make sure there is room between your thighs and the handle of the club
  • Hold the club more in the fingers and not the palm of your hand, making sure that your palms face one another
  • Work on a slightly straighter takeaway with no rolling of the right hand
  • Cock the club up vertically when you get to waist-high on your backswing. This will create a more upright swing
  • Try to bring the club down frominside to out whilst coming down.

The Swing Boss is a golf-swing training-aid that is extremely effective at fixing a shank because it records exactly where on the clubface you are hitting the ball with each practice shot. The result is that you can determine your swing faults, and by employing new techniques your practice with The Swing Boss will establish good swing habits. You may feel awkward when you initially change your grip or your stance or make any of the other swing changes required to correct a shank. However with enough repetition and practice grooving-in the good habits we’ve outlined with The Swing Boss, those good habits will soon become part of your swing!