Follow Through

Even though the clubface has already struck the ball, the follow through is still a very important part of your swing. Your follow through will tell you certain things about your swing and your shots, and if you’re not completing your follow through correctly, you will tend to have some other golf swing errors.

Create a fantastic follow through by practising regularly with The Swing Boss.

It is essential to give your clubhead somewhere to go after you have struck the ball. The key determinants of a good follow through are as follows:

  • Make sure the maximum acceleration of the clubhead is not at the ball but about 30cm or one foot past the ball. This is called the “power zone”
  • Make sure you are rolling your wrists into an effective release
  • Make sure your left elbow folds properly into your follow through.

Use the feedback from The Swing Boss to determine where any flaws exist. Follow the tips we’ve provided, and with regular practice you will soon see your golf game improve.