Impact Position

Create the perfect impact position by practising with The Swing Boss – the only golf swing training equipment you need.

Correct golf swing impact position is an important part of having good golf swing technique. The key at impact is to leverage your power and have your body, arms and club all come through the ball together at the impact position in the correct order – this is called “sequencing”.

Good players retain their wrist-cock through the hitting area so that their left wrist is bowed and the right wrist is flexed (reverse if left-handed), and both hands are slightly in front of the golf ball at the strike. This is often called a late hit or clubhead lag, and this can create a tremendous amount of clubhead speed and power in the swing.

Problems are encountered when the opposite of this is done. Instead of a late hit, the player executes what is called an “early release”. Instead of having a bowed left wrist and their hands ahead of the ball at impact, they have a collapsed left wrist and their hands are behind the ball. The result is an enormous loss of power and direction, and generally a very weak hit.

Some golfers can get away with this kind of swing when they are using their woods as the ball is teed up. However problems will always be encountered when using irons. With regular practice using our golf training aid, and by adhering to the tips provided here, you will see your golf game turn around. You will begin to hit the ball from a much more effective impact position.

There are a few points that you need to consider during impact:

  1. Check your left hand grip (your right if you are left-handed) to make sure that the club is held primarily in the fingers rather than the palm of your hand. Look down at your grip – you should see at least two knuckles on your left hand when you address the ball. The V formed by your thumbs and forefingers on both hands should be pointing to the right side of your face.
  2. Allow your wrists to hinge naturally as you swing back. The wrists should be fully hinged by the time the left arm becomes parallel to the ground, and duplicate this wrist hinge in the downswing.
  3. As you start down towards the ball, feel as if you are leading with the butt-end of the club and try to keep your wrist cocked as long as possible on the downswing before you allow the clubhead to whip through impact. Your left hand should come down first, the right hand second, and the clubhead third. If the clubhead comes down first, you’ll fail to achieve the correct impact position.

Practice hitting the ball in the correct impact position with your golf swing training tool. The Swing Boss will make you aware of any swing flaws, and by incorporating these tips you will soon find you will be playing the game better than ever before.