Shorter Backswing

Most golfers will gain distance almost immediately by shortening their backswing. A more compact swing not only gives you more distance but it also gives you more control over your swing and better accuracy as well. The extra effort required to get the club past parallel, which is working against gravity, increases the chance of getting the club into a bad position.

If you have a lot of problems with hooking and slicing, you’ll notice a significant improvement when you stop going past parallel. Why? Because you gain so much more control!

When you first try to shorten your swing you may find it very awkward. However with enough repetition you will groove-in a more compact swing and you will soon get to a point where you won’t have any swing thoughts when you are standing over the ball on the course. Groove-in good swing habits with The Swing Boss, from your backswing to your impact position, follow through and finish.